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  • Cash Advance Fee:
  • Cash Advance Rate:
  • Intro Balance Transfer Duration:
  • Intro Balance Transfer Fee:
  • Intro Balance Transfer Rate:
  • Intro Purchase Duration:
  • Intro Purchase Rate:
  • Representative APR:
  • Standard Balance Transfer Fee:
  • Standard Balance Transfer Rate:
  • Standard Purchase Rate:
  • 3%
  • 27.95% p.a.
  • 26 months
  • 2.65%
  • 0% p.a.
  • 6 months
  • 0% p.a.
  • 18.9% p.a. variable
  • 2.8%
  • 16.56% p.a.
  • 18.95% p.a.


  • 0% on balance transfers for 26 months

  • 0% on purchases for 6 months

  • Pay a comparatively cheap balance transfer fee

  • Internet fraud guarantee


  • You can’t transfer a balance from a Bank of Scotland credit card

  • Cash advances are not cheap

Best Features of the Natwest Platinum Credit Card

  • 0% for 26 months on balance transfers
  • 0% for 6 months on purchases
  • Active fraud monitoring & internet fraud guarantee

Our Review

Want to be interest free on your debts for 26 months? How about interest free shopping for 6 months? These are just some of the features of the NatWest Platinum credit card. This credit card offer also has some nice perks like a decent standard purchase interest rate, and more. The deal is only available online so you will have to fill out an online application to get started.

Who it’s for

If you have a steady job but your debt has gotten out of hand, then the NatWest Platinum credit card can help you get things back in order. At the same time, you can still make purchases without racking up more interest. The NatWest Platinum is also worth considering for the long term because of its good standard purchase rate.


To apply for NatWest’s Platinum card, you must be over 18 years old, be a UK resident, and earn a minimum of £10,000 yearly. You will not be able to transfer balances from Royal Bank of Scotland cards.

Balance transfers

The NatWest Platinum credit card offers an introductory period of 26 months at 0% p.a. on balance transfers, which is one of the best balance transfer deals available in the UK. They even let you transfer a substantial amount of debt – up to 95% of your credit limit. If you’re disciplined in your repayments, this prolonged introductory period can really help you get your debt under control. After the introductory period expires, your remaining balance will be subjected to the standard purchase rate (18.95% p.a.. NatWest has a lower balance transfer fee than most other credit cards at 2.65%. Keep in mind though that you still have to pay this fee immediately, so you should budget for it accordingly. If you fail to pay the minimum amount of your monthly bills on time, you will lose the introductory deal!


NatWest’s Platinum card is one of the few credit cards offering a good introductory deal for both balance transfers and purchases. You will get 6 months of purchases at 0% p.a. interest. After 0% p.a., you will then pay the standard 18.95% p.a. variable. These rates aren’t the lowest possible, but they are still very competitive against the broader market. If you pay your full bill on time, then you won’t have to pay any interest on your purchases at all.

Cash advances

With the NatWest Platinum card, you can get a cash advance of up to £750 daily. Of course, how much cash you can take out depends on your credit limit. You never want to go over your limit because you will lose your introductory deals! While interest on cash advances is never cheap, the NatWest Platinum does offer one of the best deals at 27.95% p.a. and an industry-standard 3% fee. There are no grace periods for cash advances with NatWest.

Security & fraud protection

You’ll get peace of mind with full protection against fraud and identity theft. If any transaction seems suspicious, NatWest will call you promptly to confirm. They also offer a text alert service for reporting suspicious transactions. NatWest has a few unique services for protecting travellers too, including medical support.


When it comes to an all-round great credit card, the NatWest Platinum credit card really delivers with some of the best introductory deals in the market. For those trying to get control of their high-interest debts, the NatWest Platinum can help you save a lot of money in the short and long run. Even their balance transfer fee beats most of the competition! For those who want to make purchases, it also delivers savings. With a low ongoing purchase rate, it is a card which you will want to stick with.